Here’s a complete guide to make the most important day of your life most special. Before you start looking for your wedding venues or start shopping for your wedding you must sit and make a list of the key factors that you are looking for in your wedding.

Set your budget and choose your theme accordingly

Wedding is the most special event of you and your partner. So, it is best when both, the groom and the bride-to-be, sit together and make their decisions together.  Once you know your budget you may decide on the theme. A Church, Civil or Humanist ceremony is ideal for those who want to keep it simple and less costly. Those who do not mind spending a ransom can plan a destination or theme wedding. Whatever your plans are, they must be realistic as well as romantic.

Prioritize your desires and organize them

You and your fiancé may have different priorities for the wedding. While someone may be more focussed on the quality of the photography, the other might give more importance to the entertainment and wedding reception venue. It is not possible to meet all your requirements if your budget is restricted. So, it is very important that both you and your partner discuss and set your priorities so that there’s no mistakes further down the line.

Prioritizing is not enough. You must also organize your priorities like venue, photographer, car, music, etc. This organization part of your pre-wedding job may also include keeping the list of all your contacts, wedding and reception contracts, their emails and quotes safely in one place. To plan it better you may also make a to do list, budget planner and guest list.

Decide on your wedding date

Setting the wedding date can be very tricky. Often there’s a huge debate over this topic. As this day is most special for the bride and the groom, so they are the best persons to decide on the wedding date. Also, it is important that all your desired guests attend your party to make it special for you. So, you must check with your guests if they are available on that day. Even after all this, you may find that your desired banquet hall is not available on the desired date. So, it is better to shortlist 2-3 wedding halls for your wedding and go for the one which is available on that date.

Create your own customized wedding and find a suitable banquet hall

Do not go for the readymade wedding plans that are available everywhere. If you want your wedding to be interesting and entertaining, then select your own style. You may research online or consult wedding planners before deciding on the wedding theme and style. Having done that, you can now look for a banquet hall and banquet restaurant that suits your taste. Booking the best of the affordable wedding venues is considered the biggest decision in any wedding. So, make good research and then settle for the one which offers you the best amenities.

Emphasize on your wedding entertainment, catering and drink

The next big thing after the venue that impresses your guests is the wedding atmosphere and food. To settle down on the entertainment part, you may organize some garden games, magicians, musicals, singers, photo booths, circus, etc. in the reception halls. Also, keep in mind that the food and drink served to the guests are top quality.

Having listed down all the factors that may help you ease down on your wedding plans, it must be mentioned that you must thoroughly enjoy planning your wedding. Only then can your wedding day be a successful event.