Tips on corporate event and the space in Hollywood, CA

Hosting a business get together, a party, or a corporate event outside work environment is a great way to pull together clients, employees and affiliated professionals. Good food, drinks, and music set the tone for a memorable time where everyone can interact and make a connection, away from the usual, “strictly business” setting.

However, most business events always keep some business in the mix. The level of it and what is discussed depends on the event and the hosting party. For example: Holiday parties tend to be a lot more focused on client and employee appreciation, awards distribution and expression of gratitude. But a quarterly breakfast meetings or a celebration to launch new products and services include a “call to action,” or early discounts during sells pitches. The goal is usually to sign up new clients and service the current ones.

Here are a few tips to help make your corporate event or business function a success.

Determine the type of event it is going to be, and the focus of the event and its business related angle. Is it to finalize deals, celebrate the launch of new products and services, sell more items to current clients, emphasizing the success of your business and its dedication to clients, giving them incentives to stay with your company?

Make a list and a seating chart with names of all attendees. Leave room for that +1 as most guests usually like to bring a spouse or partner. Write their names and business name on a card to be placed on the table. This way increasing the chance for everyone to be introduced even if not verbally.

Host your business event at a restaurant or a banquet hall. It’s a great idea, saving you the hassle of cleaning up, cooking, decorating and other tasks, while you focus on entertaining guests, creating business opportunities and do it all in a professional environment,

Nairi Banquet Hall is an elegant, beautifully decorated space for such corporate functions, and our catering service, along with a professional staff, are more than familiar with organizing and helping with such events.

Block out the right amount of time. Most corporate events are 2-3 hours which helps keeping things flowing, giving speeches and presentations, while thanking guests and allowing time for mingling and more, all done without feeling rushed or rushing the guests.

Always visit the venue in person and in advance. Check out the ambiance, the capacity, the menu, the type of lighting, parking spaces available, and discuss your ideas and expectations with the management or the owners of the event space.

Nairi Banquet is an ideal corporate event space, conveniently located in Hollywood, and accessible from all corners of the vibrant city we know and love as Los Angeles.

The Menu: Our international and Mediterranean menu items will impress and excite the taste buds. You can pre-arrange options of dishes, or see if a few items can be placed on a pre-printed menu for guests to order from. Generally speaking, you must discuss this idea with each banquet hall and see how they run their kitchen and arrange it with them. In our case, please make sure you ask us about our selections and we will be happy to suggest dishes, and ideas.

Arrive a good 30-60 minutes ahead of the start time of your corporate event. Scope things out, and take care of last minute inquiries. Be there to greet your guests in person and help them find their tables. Introduce people to eachother and be the icebreaker and encourage mingling. See if presentation equipment is working correctly, and if the positions of things are as you expected.

Lastly, relax, enjoy the event, and be a good host by paying attention to your guests and making sure everyone has a good time even when discussing business matters. Making such a genuine impression helps make bonds with clients and employees stronger. It creates a comfortable setting to ask for the business or encourage employees to work efficiently and happily.

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