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Serving Los Angeles Since 1993

Nairi Banquet Hall

Tradition meets sophistication at Nairi, L.A.’s premier contemporary Armenian restaurant offering inspired Armenian and Mediterranean cuisine. Nairi’s menu mixes authentic Armenian and Middle Eastern dishes with modern Mediterranean influences to create a culinary journey for the palate and senses. Complementing the international cuisine, Nairi offers an impressive desert list that included deserts from all over the world and features favorites from Armenia, Middle East and the Mediterranean.

The restaurant’s décor echoes the diverse menu, combining the architectural richness and luxury of Old Armenia with an attitude and style that is unmistakably L.A., it sets the mood with music from around the globe and soft, amber lighting punctuated with crystal chandeliers, create a sophisticated family atmosphere in which to enjoy a festive meal, whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, graduation or any occasion of your choice.

I myself come from very humble background and know all the ins and outs of the art of restaurant business, as I have started my successful business as a waiter and was so inspired by this sphere of the art of food and mood making that I dreamt of one day having my own family restaurant and I fulfilled my dream with the help of great customers like yourself.

The cuisine, décor and ambience come together to create a new world for your senses to explore, whispering gently in your ear, Nairi…

See you soon,

Sarkis Yemenejian,
Co-Founder & Manager


One of the finest banquet halls in Los Angeles & suited perfectly to your special family event.


Our Love for Food

Food is culture! It is believed that by tasting food from different lands and regions one becomes forms familiarities with the people and the area the food comes from. Sharing food and exploring international dishes, especially with other cultures present at the table, can promote tolerance, and form friendship and unity. It’s no surprise that we adopt this theory in creating the food we feature at Nairi restaurant and banquet hall.

In addition to the décor and cozy, inviting atmosphere, our passion for the culinary arts is another advantage to our guests. A variety of dishes can be found in each of our menus. From Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Armenian and Russian dishes, we have put together a fusion of multi-cultural items to stimulate your palate. You will find traditional favorites, and perhaps a few new dishes you never tried. The food featured at our banquet hall is a reflection of our roots and the love we have for food.  

A few of our special dishes include: Mushroom Salad, Shrimp Salad, Aged Beef, Ceviche, Hummus, Prosciutto, Stolichnaya Salad (Russian salad, aka: Olivier / Oliviye salad in other regions), Eggplants with Walnuts, Mutabal (eggplant dip), Red Caviar with Russian crepe, Nairi’s famous green fish, Salmon & Baked Potatoes and our popular Luleh Kabob combination with rice pilaf.

Click here to see the full list of dishes and menus.

The cuisine, décor and ambience encompass the overall experience we would like to pass on to you. We are confident that the tasty food and the charming atmosphere at Nairi Restaurant & Banquet hall will make a positive impression and make returning guests out of you.

Our tasty dishes and service with a smile are the accent to your celebrations and other social events, and we hope to leave everyone with a great impression.